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Hi Gale!

Sorry it has been so long since we touched base. I wanted to drop a line to say Hi! Shyloh & Alexzis are doing GREAT. Alexzis just turned 5 and Shyloh just turned 3. Amazing how fast the years go by! Shyloh even at 3 still can be such a puppy! So many LAUGHS and she is a VERY SMART dog! Shy thinks she is the alpha female but the other dogs have figured out how to prove her otherwise. She also still has that “velcro” quality and will not sleep at night without touching one of us. This has its pro’s and con’s but we love it. Alexzis has learned how to “talk”, she uses these low growling / howls to let us know her expectations , , , I expect a treat, I expect you to get me a pillow, I expect you to get my dinner, , , she has us trained well! At least once a month we tell each other that we must put a stop to it BUT it is so funny and we laugh so hard, the shenanigan will never end! ¬†Here are a couple pictures from the last few months.

Alexzis at Christmas with our youngest sons girlfriend.

Shyloh with some of her other siblings.

Alexzis on the left and Shyloh on the right. Just enjoying some yard time!

Hope you, your family and all your beautiful dogs are doing well at the start of this new year.

Brian & NancyIMG_20150902_200225701 IMG_20150902_200419246 IMG_20151218_214633544

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  • momrenz says:

    So glad to hear from you!! Sounds like you are enjoying the hi-jinx for the most part;-) I sure do appreciate your keeping in touch!! Take care, Gale

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