Greetings from Florida boys!!

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Hi Gale!

It seems like haven’t touched base with you in awhile, so we wanted to shoot you a quick email.

The boys have been doing very well. They had their 4th birthday on Jan 27th and we celebrated by taking them to the local dog-friendly brewery.

Leroy started bearing weight less on his back right leg last summer. We took him to the vet and he was diagnosed with a partially-torn cranial cruciate ligament (the dog ACL). Because it was making him uncomfortable and limiting his ability to run around, we elected to do surgery. After a few months of rest and recovery, he is back to his old self. Dexter is especially happy now that the two can tear around the yard and roughhouse again!

As you saw from my Facebook pictures, we rescued a gorgeous black Great Dane from a very cruel situation late last year. (Unfortunately, her previous owner had someone do a terrible job cropping her ears). She lives in South Florida with my parents now and is doing great. Leroy and Dexter are great big brothers to her and are teaching her the ways of the Dynamite Danes.

The boys are still going for long walks everyday, eating lots of fresh veggies and a little bit of BARF every day, and doing well overall. They both know how to “wave” now when someone waves to them. And Dexter has learned to say “I love you”! We take them everywhere we can, so rides in the car are a frequent (and much-enjoyed) activity for them!

Geof is in his 3rd year of veterinary school and has decided he will pursue a residency in small animal surgery upon graduation. Anja is in her 4th year of residency and has decided she will be pursuing a fellowship in pediatric urology upon completion. We will both be done in May of 2017. We will let you know if we end up moving somewhere closer to the Midwest!

We attached a few pictures for your enjoyment. 3 of them are from a recent trip to St. Augustine that we took. The last is of the boys and Zoey.

We hope you are well. We think of you and all of your lovely Danes often!

-Anja, Geof, Leroy, and Dexter

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