Great Danes/Fats and Carbs for Dogs

When looking at what to feed your dog then you may want to research the different foods available. In order to keep them healthy, your dog needs a certain amount of animal fats and carbohydrates as well as everything else. So what foods are better for them and how much should you feed the dog?

Animal Fats

Dogs need essential fatty acids to keep them healthy but only two types of animal fats contain these essential fatty acids. All of the other animal fats contain just as many calories as vegetable oil and they are really not as good for your dog as essential fatty acids are.

The two fats which are good for your dog in small amounts are lard and horse fat. Many people feed their dogs beef and mutton fats but generally they are not overly good for your dog and they should never be fed solely as that will lead to health problems.


Not many owners feed their dogs potatoes but it is worth giving them a few every now and again with their food. They contain almost the same amount of carbohydrates as cereal grains though they should not be used as the main food in your dog’s diet. You should still feed dry biscuits too.

Cereal Grains

Cereal grains are generally the main source of carbohydrates for dogs. They mainly contain starch and it is found in foods such as boiled rice, corn meal, hominy grits and breakfast cereals. As with all other foods, cereal grains should never really be used for more than 50 percent of your dog’s diet.


Bread is a food which many owners do not give their dogs. Whilst it may seem strange however, bread is actually one of the best sources of carbohydrates that you can give to your dog. Most dogs do not mind either white or whole wheat bread and usually it even has added vitamins and minerals.

Specialty Flour Products

These types of carbohydrates include spaghetti, flour noodles and macaroni and again just like bread they are often overlooked. One of the best things about these types of foods is that owners find them to be more convenient as you can mix large amounts of the food at the same time and cook it when needed in smaller amounts.

Overall dogs need a variety of different foods and you should always ensure that they get a healthy mixture of carbohydrates and animal fats as well as dry food.

By Andi McBreaty of Oh My Dog Supplies – featuring over 100 upscale dog bed models

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