Great Danes are Sensitive Souls!

Thor and Skye

I have been privileged to be able to share my life with a wonderful and diverse group of great Danes over the last thirty-five or so years. The Danes have been fantastic ambassadors for their breed, one and all!
The diversity in color has been overshadowed by a common thread that makes the breed one that I can not imagine living without…Danes are such sensitive souls! Every Dane that I have ever met has been a gentle, soulful personality…some are just goofier than others From the day I met our first fawn Dane, Shotzi, who was a rescue and who hooked me on the breed, I have been continually surprised and amazed at the depth of feeling that a great Dane can convey with their eyes. If the “eyes are the window to the soul”, if you have ever met a Dane, you will agree that they are sensitive souls!
Whenever anyone asks me about the breed, I tell them that the best thing and the worst thing about Danes is that they think they are full fledged family members and are entitled to the same rights and privileges, such as lap time, couch time and lots of loving in general. That is what makes them such amazing companions!
Each one is a sensitive and intelligent individual with some very Dane specific character traits. If a Dane is corrected in a manner, which they deem to be too harsh or inappropriate, they will usually retreat to their bed or a corner and pout, ignore you and give “dirty looks”.
When potential puppy parents are screened for the adoption process, this is one of the things that I tell them. Many times, this information is met with a strange look, like “this lady spends way too much time with her dogs!” I always get a chuckle out of these looks of disbelief when, invariably, after living with their puppy for a few weeks, these same puppy parents call and tell me, “Boy, does this dog pout and give me ‘the look’ when he/she is corrected.”
Danes are eager to please their people and are always happy to know when they have done something that pleases their people! Positive reinforcement of desired behaviors works splendidly with these sensitive souls!

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