Great Dane Training Answers

DSC01884Great Dane Training Answers

As new dog owners, we all have a million questions. After all, we want what is best for our Great Danes. From feeding to bathing, and sleeping arrangements: we need to find a healthy living pattern for our Great Dane puppies. The following Q&A is intended to provide you with some peace of mind:Q: What kind of personality does the Great Dane have?A: The Great Dane‘s personality is one of the main attributes that make this dog so appealing. Known as the “friendly giant“ amongst breeders and owners, this is a real “people-friendly” animal. They have an excellent temperament and love to cuddle and play. Of course their size may be intimidating to children and strangers. This is why it’s so important to scold your dog for jumping up on people. Never allow him, even in play, to jump up to get a treat from your hand, etc.

Q: Is a Great Dane too large for my home?

A: Prospective owners: this is a large dog! Sometimes these dogs are very unaware of their own size. If you want to keep your Great Dane off of your chairs and couches, you must train them this way from the very beginning. While it might seem cute to put a little puppy on your furniture, you’re developing a pattern. This dog will grow! Think about that while picturing your Great Dane taking up your entire loveseat for a snooze in six months. It’s also important to provide a yard, as this dog loves the outdoors. If you live in a tiny apartment without a yard, you may want to re-think your breed choice. Unless of course, you’re a high energy person that takes several long walks a day. In a tiny apartment, a Great Dane can be like a bull in a china shop. These dogs need room to play and frolic.

Q: Are Great Danes difficult to train?

A: Great Danes, like most dog breeds, need constant love, praise, and discipline. During the first year of your Great Dane’s life, he should receive discipline and boundary lessons. If you’re having trouble with discipline, enroll him in obedience classes. This usually works wonders for the dog who is very stubborn and pushy. Overall, your Great Dane should not be very difficult to train. Nevertheless, you should be prepared for the puppy stages which includes accidents and teething. What will you do to make your home puppy-friendly?

Q: Will my dog require massive grooming?

A: Fortunately, Great Danes require very minimal grooming, as they are short haired. Nevertheless, you should brush your dog regularly to remove dead hair from its coat. This will prevent your furniture from being covered in hair. Yes, the Great Dane sheds, like most dog breeds. At times it may seem like your dog is shedding heavier than usual. This is normal. Your dog will shed and grow its coat according to the season. Heavier coat for the winter weather and a lighter coat for the hot summer. If your dog is afraid of a brush, introduce it to a rubber grooming tool that looks like a glove. He’ll be happy to get petted. If the weather permits, do this outside! You’d be surprised by the amount of hair that will come off of your Great Dane.

Bathing: This isn’t a little dog that you can wash in a wash-basin. Hence, you can getaway with washing your dog approximately once per month. Or more often, depending on the circumstances. Want a pleasant smelling dog without dandruff? Try washing your Great Dane with ½ Murphy’s Oil Soap ½ water. It contains the correct ph for your pet too. If your dog’s coat is looking a little dull, add a few drops of coconut oil to add some shine.

Teeth: Introduce your Great Dane to a rubber brush from an early age. Otherwise, he will show fear and run. Brushing your Great Dane puppy’s teeth can be a dreadful task without the right tools. Nowadays they sell doggie toothpaste that comes in all sorts of appetizing flavors (beef, cheese, etc). This makes your task a little easier. NEVER use human toothpaste to brush your dog’s teeth. It can seriously injure their stomach lining. This is why they make DOG toothpaste, which your pet can swallow without being harmed.

Nails: It’s very important to keep your dog’s nails trimmed. In fact, it’s a necessity. Without proper clipping, your Great Dane’s nails can become infected and give him trouble walking. Yes, there are veins in your pet’s nails. If you’re worried about clipping nails too short–take him to the veterinarian or local dog-groomer. It will only cost a few bucks and your pet will be much happier.

Ears: Just like us, your Great Dane will get wax in his ears. Never use a Q-tip in a dog’s ear. Objects should never be stuck directly into the ear, as you can easily injure the ear drum. Instead, use a cotton ball to remove dirt and wax build-up. Do not get inventive and use other tools, most damage to the ear is irreparable.

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