Great Dane Safety Tips

Spring is here, which means the warm weather months will be upon us. For most Great Dane owners, we’re relieved. Our Great Danes can run loose in the yard while we air-out our homes from the long winter months. Hibernation is over and we can take our furry friends to the park, the beach, and on trips. But we want to have a safe summer! In order to do that, we should glance over a few tips and rules for the safety of our Great Danes. For most of you, these are just reminders. For new pet owners, these should be used as a guideline:

Traveling by Car

On very hot days in particular, try not to take long car rides with your Great Dane. While you’re behind the wheel, consider your Great Dane’s feelings. YOU may not be warm enough to have the air conditioning on. What if you were wearing a down jacket? Your Great Dane’s coat is just like a down jacket. Consider his comfort. Always provide plenty of water to prevent dehydration.

Stopping at the Store ‘real quick’

Forget it. It doesn’t matter how quick it is. Do not leave your dog in the car while you’re shopping in the summer. It’s cruel. It’s inhumane. If someone wants to report you–they can, they will, and they should. You decided to take your Great Dane with you. If you plan to go shopping or window-browsing, leave your dog at home. While this may sound harsh, we’re very aware of the repercussions of leaving your dog in a locked car: death. On a hot summer day–your dog can succumb to fatality in less than five minutes in a hot car. Please be responsible.

Poisonous Foliage

If you see mushrooms growing in your yard, remove them immediately. Your Great Dane can become seriously ill from eating them. Some plants and berries are hazardous to your Great Dane’s health as well. If you’re not sure which plants pose a threat, research the shrubs and plant-life in your yard to see if they’re pet-friendly.

Mowing Your Lawn

Some Great Danes may be petrified of your lawn mower, others may think of it as a game or a noisy thing they wish to attack. Regardless of how ‘funny‘ it is, accidents easily happen this way each summer. Your Great Dane should not be in the vicinity when you’re cutting grass. Most vital veins are located in your pet’s limbs. Should they get cut by your mower, they may die from their injury.

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