Great Dane Purchase/Buying a Great Dane

Great Dane Puppies need plenty of exercise
In order to remain healthy, your Great Dane puppy will need a lot of time to run and play. You need to provide this “play time,” as it will promote strength and physique. Nevertheless, it’s one thing to tire your puppy out — but you should never over-work your Great Dane. Without exercise, your Great Dane (like any other dog breed) can become bored and destructive.
Just like people, Great Danes need socialization too!
You should introduce your Great Danes to people, so they do not become hostile to strangers when they are adults. By introducing them to friends and family, you’re inadvertently teaching them to look for “strange people.” Great Danes are very perceptive, they can recognize the difference between a family friend and someone looking to do harm. Should you choose not to introduce your Great Dane to people, he may become fearful and angry and start biting in defense.

Small Children and the Elderly
Sometimes these gentle giants do not realize their own size! When Great Danes are puppies, they may bop up and down all over the place — knocking things over here and there. They don’t mean it! They’re just really excited to see you. But if you have a toddler or elderly person living with you, this may not be the ideal breed for you at this time. Your gentle giant may knock someone over, then cover them with kisses.

Although Great Danes have wonderful temperaments, they may exhibit jealousy if another animal is brought into your home. It’s always a wonderful idea to have your Great Dane as the newest member of the household. It’s important to note, that like all dogs, your Great Dane may not like dogs of the same sex.deisel

Although Great Danes are short haired dogs, you must accept the fact that your Great Dane will shed. Most shedding occurs right before Fall and Spring when they shed and grow their coats.

For most Great Dane owners, this is not a real concern. Nevertheless, a prospective Great Dane owner should be aware that these dogs do indeed slobber. Most slobbering occurs after your Great Dane drinks water and shakes his head. Some dogs of this breed have looser jowls than others, causing more or less drool.

If you live in an area that requires you to have a dog license, make sure you can actually have a Great Dane. Unfortunately, many areas ban residents from having large dogs. In several communities, Great Danes have made that list of ‘menacing dogs‘. Regardless of how friendly your Great Dane is, rules are rules.

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