Family Pet – How To Choose The Right Dog Breed For Your Family

Family Pet – How To Choose The Right Dog Breed For Your Family

Families that are ready to add a canine member to their family should consider the proper breed best for their living situation. Often families are able to sit down and discuss the needs and desires of each household member. The decision of choosing a new canine family friend can often become a difficult one. Potential pet owners should research the characteristics of the desired breed, review their living conditions and ensure each family member is able to provide a united front with training this canine friend.

Often families must take inconsideration their family and living conditions. Many families seeking a pet that is able to live and run out doors must consider if they have t he proper space. Medium and large breeds require lots of exercise and may require a large backyard. Families with an apartment or smaller living space may consider a smaller breed. The personality traits of each breed are different and should be taken in careful consideration when choosing a family pet. Extensive research for the best options based on the living condition is required. Families with smaller children or elderly members may also need to take this inconsideration when choosing a specific breed. Many breeds are not suggested to cohabitate with younger children because of a natural instinct.

The amount of time the family is able to spend with the canine family member is important. Many breeds require attention, while some breeds become destructive if they do not receive the required attention. Before choosing a pet, determine the basic household needs, the housebreaking strategies and the ability to provide the proper exercise for the breed of choice. Leaving a dog alone is never a good idea. Dogs often seek attention, if the owner is unable to provide positive attention, the dog will often seek negative attention through mischief. Pet owners are also encouraged to provide the basic guidelines to the family in writing. Having each family member participate in the training of the pet is important. Parents find this process creates a level of accountability and responsibility in children.

Choosing the proper breed may seem like a long homework assignment yet it is important to know the personality traits, living conditions and family conditions prior to adding a new member to any family. This decision may require the input of all family members and often seeking the proper size animal is required based on living conditions. There are many other aspects to consider before you try to determine how to choose the right dog breed for your family. Simply take your time and know you, your family and your home before making such a decision.

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