All About the Great Dane Breed

One of the giant breed of dogs, the Great Danes, is going to be fully discussed in this article. Among the major topics, there are the general descriptions of the great dane. First, we must examine the size of this dog, as well as its attitude towards people.
Great danes are tall dogs even though they are not very heavy. Their popularity and beautiful physique have gained them the title of the “Apollo of Dogs.” Danes are loving, friendly, and affectionate when treated accordingly.

According to AKC standards, male danes are not less than 32 inches and are usually 34 inches tall. The average Dane is close to three feet tall in height. Duration of development of your great dane’s body largely depends on his or her gender. To illustrate, a male can complete his development in three full years where females can be adults in a year or less. Puppyhood usually lasts for 18 months and over the course of these first 18-28 months, an owner will witness their great dane mature mentally and physically.

Diet and proper exercise are very important to your great dane’s health. Your great dane’s daily diet should be consistent, and the amount of food should be measured according to their age and weight. It’s important for your great dane to maintain a healthy weight. An underweight great dane can be vulnerable to sickness and disease, whereas an overweight dane increases its chance of bloating and heart disease.

Because great danes are such large dogs, they need plenty of room to run and play. Throughout puppy hood, this breed of dog needs exercise and mental stimulation. Taking walks, playing fetch, and rewarding a dane’s positive behavior are all essential tasks to developing a strong healthy bond with your pet.

The relationship between great danes and children is one of the most powerful connections that can occur between any type of human and animal. Like children, great danes are very trusting and curious. It’s important to teach children how to handle your great dane. Fortunately, these dogs have a wonderful temperament and do not become feisty unless provoked.

With proper care, a healthy great dane’s lifespan is approximately eight years of age. Nevertheless, many great danes continue to life a full life of ten to twelve years. These loving companions become additional members of our families and we should cherish every day they share with us.

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