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Our adoption fees for pups placed as pets start at $1000 and go to around $1800 for a show-marked harlequin, black, mantle or blue placed as a pet. The pet-marked blacks (with a little white on the chest or toes) and imperfectly marked mantles and merles are the least costly at $1000 – 1200 and the harlequins being more ( $1250 – $1500 ) and the blues ( $1300-1800 ) the most costly, these distinctions have to do with the difficulty in breeding a particular color successfully to produce sound and healthy puppies. We will gladly place show-marked puppies as pets, but they are a little higher, of course.

The current and usual waiting time for a blue puppy is from six months to a year as the reservation lists are quite extensive-great blues are hard to find!

It is our experience and belief that proper nutrition is the key to long life in Danes. Our concentration is on the care and appropriate nutrition of all our dogs as sound, healthy and happy dogs produce puppies who are off to the best possible start they can get in life-and that is one of the main goals of our breeding program. Great Danes thrive only with a diet based on a premium quality kibble that is balanced for optimum nutrition and slow growth (at least as slowly as a dane can grow-which is not very slowly;-) as this contributes to the overall soundness of the dane. A protein content of no more than 24% and a fat content of 12-14% is the best formulation for feeding a dane. Omega 3 fatty acids should be added to their diet throughout their lifetime for glowing good health.

Our reservation fee is $50 to insure that you get the pup that you want. Our pups are reserved so that you get your choice of pups in the order that the deposits are received for the particular color/sex that you choose to adopt.

If the pup needs to be shipped to you, we only use the services of PETAIR-they are a reputable and dependable company that provides counter-to-counter service for pups. The cost of this service within the continental U.S. is about $400 with crate included. There is a shipping moratorium on live animals imposed by most of the major airlines between June 1st and September 1st. I do prefer not to ship, and it is a really good idea, if at all possible, for you to meet the parents of your puppy.

You are always welcome to come and visit and meet our gang. All parents are on site and have been raised here; we have a crew that is always ready to pass out loves to anyone that is interested. If you are able to visit, you can see how the dogs are raised and meet the parents so you really get a good idea of the quality and temperament you can expect of your prospective puppy.

If you have any other specific questions and/or are interested in reserving a puppy from these litters, just give me a call at 712-647-2973. If you are interested in reserving a pup for later in the year, please contact me for details of placement. That way we can visit and ascertain that this would be a good match for both you and the puppy. It is always a big commitment to add a new family member and is important that you are both happy with the arrangement, so I always strive to ensure that you get the pup that will fit into your lifestyle the way you want him/her to. We will work together to determine which of our puppies will be the best match for your family, based on personality traits that will best suit your lifestyle & family composition, as well as physical characteristics, as they develop after birth. Usually placement decisions are made by approximately 4-5 weeks of age, so that you can keep a photographic record of your baby dane?s growth throughout infancy, if you wish to do so. Soon after birth, an album is created for the new litter in Picasa and you will receive the link to monitor the litter as they change and grow. When placement decisions are made, we will then send individual photos of your puppy as he/she grows until you take him/her into their forever home.

If I can be of any assistance to you in any way just give me a call, I am always available throughout the life of your Dane to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

Please click on the link below to view our full adoption contract, that outlines all of what you should expect from your new family member!

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to hearing from you!

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