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Danes are wonderful, loving and funny family members. We feel that our danes are bred to be the best friend you could ever have! Our breeding program focuses on ensuring a very laidback dog with a stable, outgoing temperament and a sound, healthy individual that can be your happy companion for many years. I like to have all of the pups placed in loving, permanent homes before they are born-if at all possible-so I know that they will all have families to love them after they are here. So we always have a reservation list active to place the puppies in pre-approved homes. If you would want to go here you will read our full adoption contract. If you read through it you will know if we are on the same page as to the care and nurture of the pup. We do conduct a pre-placement interview, of course, and will be glad to answer any questions you may have, too. Open, honest communication between breeder and puppy parents makes for a much nicer experience for all involved:)

My highest priority in placement always is to ensure that you have adequate information to make an informed decision to add a new dane member to your family…as that is what they are “family members” (you will never convince a Great Dane that they are not a full fledged family member:-) If you are willing to commit to loving and caring for the dane for their lifetime, then that is what I am most concerned with as they are such sensitive companions who bond closely to “their people” and it is very hard on them to be rehomed. So I try my best to help each of my babies find their forever family!

Our males usually weigh between 175-200# as full grown dogs and are 34-37″ tall at the shoulder. The females are usually around 125-155#and are usually about 32-35″ tall. Great Danes are not fully mature until three years of age. They grow up for two years and fill out fully the third year.

The main focus of our holistic breeding program is a long-lived and completely sound dog. We strive to breed healthy dogs with a laidback, loving disposition-and we are successful at it! The overall quality of our pups is very high and we guarantee their soundness in your adoption contract. We love to place our babies in loving companion homes. Loving show homes are also welcome. We believe that Danes are happiest as family members, so we are glad to place them in committed pet homes.

We have spent over twenty years refining our line so that we can have a predictably excellent outcome of our planned breedings. Our pups are glowing with good health and bright eyed and eager to meet the world! We do not crop under any circumstance and the best time to crop if you wish to arrange to do so is at 10-12 weeks of age. All of our puppies who are placed as pets will go to their forever home with a spay/neuter agreement and on a limited AKC registration.

All of our mommies and daddies have been raised here and are strong and healthy-free of any known genetic defects. The first two generations of our foundation stock were all OFA certified excellent. This provided an extremely sound basis for our breeding program and we continue to screen all of our Danes each year with range-of-motion testing administered by our veterinarian. We have worked with Dr. Kelly Gochenour for many years and he has welcomed two of our danes into his family. Lew, his “firstborn son ;-)” passed away a year ago. Griz (one of Gabrielle & Earl Grey?s sons) is the newest dane member of their family and is currently refreshing the Gochenour family?s members memories of raising a baby dane!

All of the dogs that are being bred are given a comprehensive checkup once a year that includes a complete 40 point blood screening for thyroid, liver function, etc. They are checked on a regular basis for mobility function, joints, heart, etc. All the pups are vet checked at least twice before they go home for heart, joint range of motion and flexibility and general overall health.

You are always welcome to come and visit and meet our gang. All parents are on site and have been raised here; we have a crew that is always ready to pass out loves to anyone that is interested. If you are able to visit, you can see how the dogs are raised and meet the parents so you really get a good idea of the quality and temperament you can expect of your prospective puppy.

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