Hi, I am Gale Renz, owner of Dynamite Danes and I am glad to welcome you to our website. My husband (John) and I have been dedicated Great Dane breeders for almost 30 years. We started our quest to breed sound, healthy, long-lived AKC Great Danes in September of 1987 with our first harlequin girl, Molly.

We had a couple of exceptional rescue Danes as pets before that and became true Great Dane lovers through our experiences with our rescue girls. Neither of them lived long enough, a beloved family member never does. So after doing some research, we became very interested in breeding a line of companions that would be all that a Dane could be.

Our Great Dane Puppies are the best around and we stand behind them with full confidence. We focus our program on breeding Puppies that live a long and prosperous life, similar to the Danes from good European foundation stock, which can live from twelve to fourteen years. Due to our successful efforts, our dogs are averaging a lifespan of ten to twelve years at this time. Our holistic breeding program now predictably produces beautiful, healthy, loving and laidback AKC Great Danes for adoption.

If you would like to see the latest and greatest news from Dynamite Danes, visit our news section here. Also all of our new litters will be posted on our photo gallery as well as on our News page.