Great Dane Training

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Pets and Car Travel Safety PETS AND CAR TRAVEL SAFETY Whether planning a summer vacation or a weekend road trip, people have several choices when it comes to their pets. For some, the best options are to leave them with a family member or a pet-sitter or to board them at a kennel. Another option […]

Common Mistakes: Teaching Recall in Dogs

Common Mistakes: Teaching Recall in Dogs Teaching your dog to reliably come back to you when called is essential. It could save your dog from danger, prevent your dog from upsetting other people and animals (there’s nothing more embarrassing than when your dog feigns deafness and nosedives into someone else’s picnic or charges after a […]

Great Dane Puppy Training Tips

Just like a toddler in the ‘terrible-two’ stages, Great Dane puppies can be just as mischievous. We catch ourselves running around, sternly saying “no” or “bad” so often that we feel like a broken record! Do you feel worn out from your Great Dane puppy? You’re not alone. But it’s just a phase. Like all […]