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Pets and Car Travel Safety PETS AND CAR TRAVEL SAFETY Whether planning a summer vacation or a weekend road trip, people have several choices when it comes to their pets. For some, the best options are to leave them with a family member or a pet-sitter or to board them at a kennel. Another option […]

Dogs Behave Like Wolves?

Like most animals dogs act like their ancestors. Some traits are just learned and passed down, and cannot be helped. Animals act naturally due to the way they were raised, and their parents act as their parents taught them. Animals adapt certain aspects of their behavior to their surroundings, but some things stay the same. […]

Great Danes: Gentle Giants

One of the largest dog breeds in the world, the Great Dane is truly an elegant and majestic dog. Despite their imposing size, Great Danes are very friendly and happy-go-lucky dogs, virtual gentle giants. The Irish Wolfhound is the only dog breed that is taller than the Great Dane.History: Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs depict pictures of […]